Aggravated Sexual Battery Maryland

Difference between Sexual Battery and Aggravated Sexual Battery

Sexual battery and aggravated sexual battery are two different crimes. Not different in their kind and details but a bit of exaggeration in sexual battery leads to the aggravated sexual battery. Sexual battery is when a person touches the other person in a sexual manner or nature, or unwanted or even forcefully. People often refer sexual battery to attempting rape or sexual assault, but in fact, the latter two actions take place when everything happens without other person’s consent or against their will. In easy words, sexual battery can be defined as when a person touches another person’s private body parts such as female breast, buttocks or genitals. It is also a sexual battery when a person touches another person’s private body parts covered with clothes. Sexual battery can take place in another way when a person forces the other person to touch someone’s private body parts intentionally or even if a person asks the other person to touch their sexual body parts forcefully.

The aggravated sexual battery is an exaggerated form of a sexual battery, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a more serious attempt of sexual battery. The aggravated sexual battery has serious outcomes and penalties for the convicted person. It leads toward the felony charges which will register a person as “sex offender” for all of their life. Although, every other state has their own crime rules and the laws, and so does Maryland. In most of the states including Maryland, aggravated sexual battery goes straight to the Court and the felony charges take place after the thorough research and study in the case.

Aggravated sexual battery happens when any of the following activities takes place;

  1. The use of force, coercion, or a weapon
  2. Physical harm or injury to the victim
  3. The use of more than one perpetrator
  4. The victim is mentally or physically incapacitated
  5. The victim is a minor (usually under a specified age)

Using a weapon for committing sexual battery is a felony charge. Although, it can also be included in the attempt to rape charge and the accused person can be dealt with under Maryland laws and will be facing either first degree charges of rape or second-degree charges of rape. Both have the different penalties and sentences which will land the person in jail for the rest of his life and minimum of 8 years in jail. Committing aggravated sexual battery will put the person in sex offender registry which has a bad influence on the kids (if the accused person has any) and the society the person is living in.