Armed Robbery Laws and penalties in Virginia

Robbery in Virginia had serious outcomes and considered a very serious crime. Committing a robbery crime is a felony charge in Virginia; that means you are going to spend at least a month in the jail which is mandatory, no exceptions.

What are Robbery Laws in Virginia?

When it comes to Robbery Laws in Virginia, they have separated into two different categories. First Degree and Second Degree robberies. If you are looking for the charges what a person might face, then we have to look at the evidence and the facts of your case. Evidence provided by the victim will play a big part in the case. The Code of Virginia classified second-degree robbery charges as lenient compared to the first degree charges. They have very severe penalties and fines, even the second-degree charges. Although the second-degree robbery charges are less harsh than the first-degree robbery charges, still they are very serious and harsh. If a person gets charged with the first-degree robbery charges and seek leniency in the case, it is possible that he will be shifted to second-degree robbery charge with the favorable plea agreement. This will surely be discussed in the legal consultation. Pointing out the facts and working on how the Court can give you leverage over the charged crime.

Second Degree Robbery Charges

If a person is committing robbery, and he puts him in any physical injury or gives bodily harm, or uses a drug on him or even uses an electronic machine to give him shocks, you will be charged with the Second-degree robbery charges. This can take you to straight in the jail, and the outcome is not what a sane person would like. If you convict this crime, then be ready to spend at least 5 to 18 years in the prison.

First Degree Robbery Charges

More severe, more serious and charges for the rest of your life. If a person is using any weapon and does bring any bodily injury, then the first-degree robbery charges are applied directly. Threatening for life and then convicting robbery crime will result in first degree charges. Be ready to face at least ten years of jail which can exceed until you take your last breath means your entire in the jail.

Any Leverage?

If you haven’t been found guilty yet in any robbery crime, then the Court will not directly put you in either Second Degree or First Degree Robbery charges. But, you will have to spend at least three years in prison which is mandatory, and no exception can be pulled in this. But, if this is your second or further crime in the robbery, then you will be treated as a criminal under the second or first-degree robbery charges.

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