What is Domestic Assault in Virginia

Domestic violence in Virginia (a family violence) is considered as a way of controlling family behaviour and family or family members. Using a torture and / or psychological violence, one partner is the means of establishing a council of power in a relationship with the other in authority. The specific criminal record of Virginia domestic violence is “A family or family member.”

Review Virginia Domestic Violence Legislation

Reading a lawful summary of a simple English can be helpful since statutory language can often be confused. The following table summarizes the major provisions of the domestic violence laws in Virginia and links them to the relevant charters.

The Virginia Code of Conduct. Part 18, Chapter 4, Section 4. Section 18.2-57.2 (Attacking a Family or a Family Member and Battery)

Definition of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a matter that is considered by a person against any person or family member in any act or physical injury or serious bodily injury in connection with violence, power or threat.

Defining family and family members

Following are some family or domestic members of Virginia for Domestic Violence rules:

Spouse, despite the residence,

Despite the resettlement, the earlier spouse,

Those who live in the same house,

Families without public children,

Co-empty inhabitants, and

During the last year and their children angered.

Fees and penalties

A family blow or battery will typically be fined up to 12 months and fined $ 2,500 as a family or family member. However, within three years, three or more convicted individuals have been sentenced to 6 years in prison, in violation of the Criminal Code, sentenced to between 1 to 5 years imprisonment, or at the discretion of the judge / judge, 12 months’ imprisonment and / or fine Cash up to $ 2,500.

NOTE: State laws are always subject to new laws, court decisions (including federal decisions), ballot papers and other methods. While we are trying to provide the most current information, consult your lawyer or state laws you are researching (a) to conduct your own legal survey to verify.

Is there additional safety besides criminal charges?

There are remedies and legal protection for victims of domestic violence in Virginia. These can include:

Document Privacy Policy (ACP): Victims can get legal substitute addresses (usually a post office box) instead of their physical address; This address can be used when an address is needed by government agencies. The first class sent to the mailing address will be sent to the true address of the postman.

Safety rules: Victims of domestic violence can apply for a basic security order (PPO), a court order signed by a judge who provides protection to victims.

Victims can file civil cases for illnesses and expenses such as medical bills or pain and suffering. The Child Protection Ordinance can be obtained to prevent violence between spouses, children or others.

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